DECA operates under a model corporate governance structure, with independent investment decision making mechanism under a comprehensive investment, approval, and risk-management framework, of the highest standards. Our team of professionals is committed to try hard to generate attractive returns to our shareholders, enhance shareholder value to our partners and help generate attractive workplaces for our portfolio companies’ employees. In addition, DECA follows a thorough investment process that comprises several distinct stages including the sourcing of potential investments, investment analysis & valuation, investment committee review, transaction closing, active portfolio management and exit.

Diorama Investments Sicar S.A. (“Diorama”) invests primarily in Greek SMEs participating in sectors with attractive fundamental, good management teams and strong growth potential, which can be enhanced by our active involvement.

Diorama acquires significant minority or majority positions in some of the most promising SMEs through equity or equity -like instruments. The investment team works together with the management teams of the portfolio companies to generate attractive long-term results. We seek investment opportunities in situations where a combination of management quality, sector dynamics and the fundamentals of the particular company indicate that the expected risk-adjusted return is attractive We are interested in a broad spectrum of sectors, with a focus on companies with a proven track record, strong export potential or import substitution capability, unutilized production capacity and the potential to grow profitably We provide much more than capital: we take an active support approach with portfolio companies trying to add value by enhancing good governance, improving operational efficiency, and helping unleash the talents of management and employees. In this we enjoy the support of seasoned advisors who have served in senior positions in the sectors.

The members of the Investment team have more than 100 years of combined and complementary experience in private equity, corporate and investment banking, and operations both in Greece and abroad. They have worked with numerous large and medium sized Greek companies and they command an extensive knowledge of the SME sector. The investment team’s experience and strong network aided by a board of directors and our advisors team provide an edge in identifying attractive companies who need a partner such as Diorama.

Board of Directors

Panagiotis Alexakis : Chairman (Non-Executive)
Nicos J. Koulis: Vice Chairman, CEO
Giorgos Marinos : Member (Non-Executive)
Nicos Aliprantis: Member
Konstantinos Dermanis: Member
John Kalantzis: Member
Alexandros Katsouridis: Member