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 February 1, 2020

Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti earned the “Voted Product of the Year” award for eza Alcohol Free beer from the Greek Voted Product of the Year organisation that works to promote innovation in consumer products and services on the Greek market. The “alcohol-free beer as it should be” was selected through consumer voting conducted by the IRI Greece market research company.
eza Alcohol Free beer retains all of the flavour and pleasure of a real beer, without any of the alcohol. It is a response to an increasing demand for a quality alternative in its class, made from select raw ingredients, using a customised production process which makes it pleasurably unique. As part of this effort, the Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti offers a refreshing beer option that lacks nothing but alcohol and can be enjoyed on any occasion, particularly when it only has 19 calories per 100 ml, practically the lowest of any other alcoholic drink.
Tzortzis Kanakaris, CEO of Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti, commented: This recognition is very important for our company, as it comes from consumers. At the same time, this award proves in practice that we have created a top-quality, alcohol-free product that can be enjoyed by everyone. Every sip highlights all of the select raw ingredients that are enclosed in each bottle. In addition, trust in eza Alcohol Free is also apparent from the rate of increased sales of the product, which honours us even more. With the same passion and inexhaustible care we continue together to offer beer lovers select products to accompany the best moments of their lives.”